The Christmas Couple Goals Bundle is ideal if you and a friend or loved one have a fitnes goal that you want to achieve TOGETHER!

Choose from one of our Christmas Bundles and these can be tailored for your fitness goal, whether you're looking to lose weight, improve your running performance or add muscle to your physique, we will tailor your training programme and nutrition to make it happen!

The packages available are:
The Running Coaching Bundle - more details HERE
The Health Coaching Bundle - more details HERE

The Online Coaching Bundle - more details HERE

In order to qualify for the additional 15% discount, couples must perform the same programme wit the same purchase and commencement date and be available for all consultations and check-ins at the same time.


Places are extremely limited for Couple Goals and as they are up to 40% off their normal fees are limited to only 12 bundles.

Christmas Couple Goals Bundle

  • Couple Bundles must be of the same bundle package and purchased at the same time, with the same agreed commencement date.

    Couple Bundles can be shared by any two people, they do not need to live under one roof but need to be available at the same times for consultations and check-ins.