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#2018 #running #trackandfield #athletics 2018 has been an excellent year on a whole for a new set of British Athletes to announce their arrival and to say goodbye to the last of the golden era of Super Saturday! These athletes really demonstrated their true potential with some stellar performances including runs that simply shocked the world by Laura Muir! Unfortunately, every high does have a low and once again I believe this falls with the governance of athletics, at least within the UK. I was delighted to be in attendance at all of the major events in the UK once again this year and although the performances on the track still enthralled, I was less enthused about the attendances and distinct lack of. It was perhaps the smallest attendances for major events I have ever witnessed. This was the case for our pinnacle indoor and outdoor championships and it was unfortunate that a peak audience for the 100m final did little to reassure me when they swiftly left afterwards and still we are talking about a stadium 70% empty! We need to do something about this. Performance Physique has always cared greatly about the sport which really allowed us to become the best at what we doing in terms of coaching, athletics and we can only admit that the sport is struggling to connect with massive audiences and despite still being a part of school athletics programmes it still loses out to other sports after 3pm, when the school gates shut. Trackside Athletics Academy in Solihull, our founding area of expertise has thankfully spent the majority of it’s existence full to capacity throughout the year. We’ve operated waiting lists for both groups and are distinctly proud that the majority of local athletes, we’d estimate around 70% of them have come to our track to become involved in the sport at some point. What scares us, is the fact that despite overwhelming interest in our group just miles from the UK/British Athletics Headquarters, we regularly attend empty stadiums for major events?! We want to change this and there are several ideas we have to make the sport more suitable for the spectator but will the larger governing bodies be interested to do the same? It’s simply a shame to see standout performances from Laura Muir, Dina Asher Smith, the ever dependable Bianca Williams, our trio of female long jumpers Lorraine Ugen, Jasmin Sawyers and Shara Proctor taking in place of hundreds rather than tens of thousands of spectators. We have arguably the strongest group of male 100 and 200m sprinters Great Britain have ever seen but it concerns me that outside of the small athletics world, does anyone actually know who they are. Reece Prescod, CJ Ujah, Nathaneel Mitchell Blake, Zharnel Hughes and the number of other sprinters who deserve more! We are thinking of making more regular coverage of athletics in 2019 and even towards 2020 perhaps staging one or two local meets in Solihull / Birmingham because we believe athletics needs some young blood to bring it to the forethought of the sports fan, would you be interested? The number of amazing GB performances simply outnumbered the amount I could name here but it’s safe to say that 2018 wasn’t a year that struggled with the final retirement from Super Saturday, quite the opposite. British Athletics is in safe hands of the athletes themselves whilst the Governing Body and the IAAF must do more if they want my beloved sport to prosper! Train Hard and feel free to contact us on IG @performance_physique or Facebook! Arj Thiruchelvam 

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