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This is a super short BLOG post, it's not so much here to teach you anything but I really wanted to share some exciting news with you! If you haven't heard of Strava, I won't judge you but I recommend you go and check it out now.

In all seriousness, Strava are a very BIG deal and are the leading app for tracking your run or bike ride. They have developed a fantastic app that allows you to log your performances, analyse them and communicate with other runners (you can even give someone KUDOS, but I'll let you find that out).

Anyway, as part of the app, Strava has recognised clubs and verified them on the platform if they meet certain criteria, to give you an idea of this level, Parkrun is a verified club.

Well last week, Friday Night Track Club became a Verified Strava Club, this is something I am so immensely proud of.

There are loads of benefits of Friday Night Track Club and although I could list them, I don't want it to look like I am selling to you. Instead, I will tell you about the part I enjoy the most. It's the fact we have created a really supportive, fun and friendly running community that meet every Friday at 7pm on the track at Tudor Grange Leisure Centre in Solihull come rain or shine. I love coaching the group and even came back from holiday a day early to do it but let's not talk about that again!

If you want to learn more about Friday Night Track Club just click HERE.

For now, thanks for your support, I love coaching and this kind of recognition keeps motivating for me to help more and more people.

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