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It's a very exciting time for us and it's all come about very suddenly, so you are basically the first to know but there have been a lot of developments for Performance Physique over the last week!

What's New?

Group Fitness / Bootcamp Classes in Solihull!

Yes that's right, we are launching a group fitness session, right in the centre of Solihull and it is going to be BUZZING! I am really, really excited about this and if you, click HERE!

Several years ago I ran an incredibly popular session in Solihull and now it's BACK! Sessions will be based on improving fitness, losing weight, developing strength and of course, releasing stress and boosting your happiness! Classes will take place on Tuesday's 7-8pm and Thursday's 6-7pm, one session indoors and one outdoors, particularly as summer approaches, so we can breath in that fresh air and make the most of the sun! These classes will be unlike anything else in Solihull and not only will we do everything that is underpinned by science to achieve your goals but we will also have a great community spirit, plenty of music and naturally smiles, although sometimes they may be grimaces! Classes will be £8 pay as you go, or £40/month, that works out as just £4.65 per session!

We will cap memberships, so if you're keen to join register your interest HERE to ensure you don't miss out on a place!

FREE 10Km Running Group

Like many of you out there, I was running quite frequently towards the end of 2018 and into 2019, therefore I decided to register for SimplyHealth's Great Birmingham 10k Run...then I didn't really run for 8 weeks.

Last week I got back to the road and realised, I was unfit, really unfit and therefore I would need to put a training plan together! Then I thought, if I am doing this, then why not offer it to everyone. Helping other people achieve their goals is really rewarding to me and I know loads of people will be in the same boat as I am, so why not create a Facebook Group full of training programmes, resources and opportunities to ask me for running advice and support!

Therefore, I launched the 10k running programme on my Birmingham Fitness & Nutrition Group page HERE. You do not have to pay a single thing, it's completely free of charge and I've created steps for you to follow to make it super easy.

You can still join NOW and even if you're not running the 10k, may be a marathon or you just want to get involved, I recommend joining it for the free advice over the next 8 weeks (at the time of writing this). Not joined yet? Click HERE.

Coaching Services have been resumed!

After a break of two years, we are now re-opening our books and taking on new clients again. If you, your child or someone you know is looking to develop their running or sprint ability, athletic performance or simply get fitter, let us know and we'd love to help you achieve that goal!

Our performance coaching and personal training sessions take place within the Solihull and Birmingham area, although we have plans for an online training group soon!

With that in mind, I will be popping down every now and again to see how your mini-athletes at Trackside Athletics Academy are doing, so if you have any questions for me don't hesitate to ask me there!

Don't forget if you are a runner or want to get down to the track yourself, Friday Night Track Club still takes place every Friday at 7pm at Tudor Grange Leisure Centre and it's brilliant to be honest. It's a great way to finish the week surrounded by friendly people who are all interested in developing their running ability, no matter their level but in a sociable manner! I love it.

4 Minute Mornings on IGTV & Facebook

Finally, the last thing I am going to tell you about is, 4 Minute Mornings. This is a daily show on IGTV and our Facebook page that takes you through 4 minutes of exercise movements and stretches to start your day off in a healthier and happier way!

We are all super busy, I know and therefore I wanted to do something that was consistent, manageable and definitely worth doing so why not add us on Facebook and Instagram to watch these daily videos, to get back to fitness, on us!

I've spoken for ages, so don't want to keep you any longer BUT we do have so much more coming in the shape of an online fitness and weight loss group, running membership, podcast and YouTube show, so keep your eyes and ears peeled!

If you're interested in any of the above, just drop me a message HERE and I always appreciate your support so if you think any of the above would help a friend of yours, please share this page with them!

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