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Strategy. Programming. Adaptation.

These are all terms we relate to making progress with something and in our case training.

You may have seen my Instagram story or post on the difference having some structure to your training, can make, even on the slightest level! If you didn't, this is the gist! I've not properly trained for a few years, I've spent my time working and helping other's achieve their goals, whether that's performance, health or confidence-based. In 2020, I had planned to make a bit of a return to training and therefore enter a few different events, one being the #Birmingham10K in May and then POSSIBLY (I am not committing to anything just yet) the Birmingham Half-Marathon in October. I have toyed with the idea of also doing a sprint in the summer but let's just see how things fare.

As a result, I started a 5k training programme yesterday, that I am writing.

We do all of our running programme now via the VDOTO2 App, this means it get's sent straight to our clients and if they have a Garmin, it even gets sent directly to their watch! It's incredible. Anyway, yesterday after the first set, I was struggling a bit, I thought about stopping, giving up. Two things prevented me from doing so, SHAME and not wanting to go back on the plan I'd set out to do. The watch was going to keep reminding me that I should be doing something, it's like having your coach there almost, pushing you further. I decided to carry on, the next 2 reps were hard but then suddenly with 2 reps left, I had my energy back, my determination and my desire to finish what 'coach' had programmed. I pushed hard and it worked out pretty well. My 5km Training Programme Day 1, complete!

What I'd learnt was that had I not had a programme, I probably wouldn't have finished it. It's the first time I've kind of been a 'normal' person and therefore, I have the same struggles with motivation and direction as you guys!

Even if the programming hadn't been automatically linked to my watch, I think knowing I had to plan in place would still have helped but the Garmin programming really did make me feel like I had a coach with me. This is the first time I've felt like one of Performance Physique's online running client's/athletes. If you running is a mission for you in 2020, I really emplore you to train to a plan, whether that's a straight forward plan, a tailored plan for 12 weeks or a dynamic programme. Do something structured! It doesn't even have to be something we offer. If you would like to work with Performance Physique, we have a range of services for runners, whether you're a novice or an experienced runner. We offer 12 week running plans which are tailored to your goal, running ability and available training time or for those who want a bit more, we have dynamic coaching programmes that are regularly updated based on performances with weekly check-in's, performance testing and monitoring plus we even provide you with an S&C training programme, Mobility workout and nutrition guidance.

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