Key Hydration Points for this Summer's Heatwave

#hydration #running #training #heattraining 2 Minute Read I actually wrote this as an Instagram Post on the 28th June 2019, in response to the sudden heatwave we experienced in the UK. With another substantial heatwave hitting the UK this week I thought it was only my responsibility to post it here too!


Hydration!!! We all know hydration is vital, it’s kinda rammed down our throats, not literally, unless your coach is a bit odd and in that case change coach, switch to Performance Physique!

It’s particularly challenging when we’ve had a switch from really poor weather, to what it is like this week and as a coach I’ve had to be on it with our athletes and clients!

You WILL be more dehydrated by the time you come to training, no matter what unless you’ve been hydrating consistently throughout the day.

2 litres per day is considered normal but if you’re training and/or it’s particularly hot, then increase that through to 3 litres at least.

DON’T consume large volumes at a time, this will just flush right through you and you’ll be heading to the toilet.

DO sip on it consistently throughout the day. Many of our clients find this difficult with glasses, so take a bottle with you to the office and that way it’s really easy to monitor your hydration.

DO flavour your water if you’re struggling to drink it on its own. Look at sugar free or low calorie versions if you’re looking at weight loss or maintenance though.

DO drink when thirsty but DON’T rely on it. If it’s been a while since you drank then you need to take a sip.

Finally don’t drink tonnes of water in a short period of time (gulping) or throughout the day, you need salts / electrolytes to prevent you from going into hyponatremia!

In summary, enjoy training in this lovely weather, drink water in the hours leading up to training, sip during and drink afterwards. Rest or stop when needed and get some shade too! Train Hydrated! Arj Thiruchelvam

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