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So, many of you will know that towards the end of March 2014, I unfortunately suffered a partial rupture of my left achilles tendon at the point of insertion into the heel. Not so good, especially considering this wasn't even in the fleshy part of the tendon that receives more blood flow and is more responsive to treatment. I was fortunate enough to receive treatment courtesy of Phil & Ruth of Loughborough University Sports Physiotherapy Department. Over 6 months I went through regular Ultrasound treatment, acupuncture, physical manipulation and a rehab protocol and by the end of the 6 months my tear had recovered quite considerably but a small tear still remained alongside significant pain around the site. As a result, my decathlon training ceased but I was able to do some forms of non-explosive training, I gradually increased the amount of running I could do but I was still in pain and lacking mobility and by May 2015 I was forced to stop running due to the excessive pain from my achilles that had now swollen in a manner similar to bursitis.

As a result I have spent a while researching Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) and it's effectiveness on Achilles Tendonopathy, there is limited research around the specific treatment but I have found myself fed-up with my inability to train and suffering from pain, so I decided to commit to a local provider to receive the treatment. I found a local provider to offer some short-term treatment (3 sessions as reported by the NHS), Atlas Sports Injury Clinic.

To track the progress of my recovery I have taken some images and will continually update them to show any improvements to my achilles tendon.


When comparing these images, I believe there has been a marginal improvement following one 20 minute session of ESWT, a ultrasound and electrotherapy on the calf. I was warned that the treatment isn't usually very painful but as my course would take place on a bony segment it might be. Thankfully it wasn't, just a slight discomfort and the odd moment of pain. The best thing to compare it to would be a very powerful 'power shower'. I've been advised that I could do a light run on it but it would be ideal to give it so rest to recover of the next few days. I am receiving my second treatment on Friday and my 3rd and final treatment on the following Monday. Hopefully I will be pain free and able to train once more!

Until next time, Train Hard!

Arj Thiruchelvam


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