13+ Speed & Running Group Launch

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This summer we've launched the Performance Physique Speed & Running Group for 13 - 18 Year olds in Solihull. This is a personal mission of mine to bridge the gap between our ever successful Trackside Athletics Academy which took children from 6 Years through till 13 Years and our adults, Friday Night Track Club. It really hits so many key areas and most of all, passions of mine and that's why I am so excited to have finally launched it this summer. There is something about running which just drives me forward and although my love for athletics is all encompassing, the movement of running and sprinting is the real diamond for me. I take great satisfaction in improving someone's performance and technique and over the years I've experienced this so many times, why not provide another opportunity for another age-group to do this. In one way, it's odd that it's taken 14 years to offer a group training session for this age range. Finances and logistics have always been difficult but, we as a team, have fought on to make it possible. The other reason I absolutely love this age-range is pastoral.

Whilst lecturing, I was asked to work with some teenagers who may benefit from a coach's approach, rather than a teacher's and although I was working in Higher Education, the role within Further Education (younger) was one that I really enjoyed. The teaching content, not so much but the real opportunities to develop, impression and support these teenagers was one that I thrived in. It became a position where friends of those students I taught would approach me for support.

I felt like I made a difference.

On returning full-time to Performance Physique, I said I wanted to do something to communicate with this same age-range again. Violence and crime is on the rise for this demographic and if I can give them something to focus on, believe in and train hard for then maybe I can help those few children, initially, stay out of trouble. Thus was the launch of the 13+ Speed and Running Group. Our sessions benefit everyone who's interested in improving, simple as that.

Every session we work on technical drills, these are foundational movements that will improve any athletic performance and improve fitness. We will develop acceleration, maximal speed and as a result of repeated sprints, speed endurance. So yes, if you want to become a sprinter, these will be awesome sessions, if you want to become an endurance runner, then you'll massively benefit from improving your running biomechanics (technique), becoming a more economical runner and the repeated sprints will certainly improve your aerobic fitness. Everyone is a winner. It's a story for a different day but the number of children in the UK being 'supervised' rather than coached is painful and when they are coached, I see far too much of the,

"historically we've always done it this way"

rather than taking a step back to actually think about the physics and physiology behind the event.

My final aim is to build a community atmosphere. This isn't an athletics course, this is a training group, where we can develop a competitive but friendly training environment. In my experience, these are the friendships that not only last but remain solid throughout your life. I want to build this squad, we need new athletes every week to fund our track hire, so if you can spread the word, that would be great! Our training sessions are usually on Friday's at 6pm, at Tudor Grange Leisure Centre, on the athletics track. Register your interest HERE==> https://mailchi.mp/346b6f9aa4dd/13speed Book a Training Session HERE==> https://www.performancephysique.co.uk/book-online/13-speed-group-sessions/book Or drop us an e-mail on info@PerformancePhysique.co.uk I can't wait to make a difference to you! Train Hard, Arj








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