Our Mission Statement

Performance Physique was built through a passion for fitness and health, the goal was to educate and deliver a quality fitness and nutrition service to people of all ages and abilities that is tailored to their goal. We understand our customers range from novices through to elite athletes and despite everyone having individual differences there are some strategies everyone can benefit from. We were frustrated with our competitors in the industry and the lack of thorough education in the sector  so we decided the best option was to develop a quality alternative. We would deliver the best service standards and live through strong moral beliefs to ensure our clients received the most effective solution’s to their goals and ambitions. We have the ability to improve your health and well-being in a variety of ways that includes training and nutrition but most importantly through the social experience you will have with Performance Physique, the personal, understanding touch that is our greatest strength and the most enjoyable part of our business. We are not a ‘personal training' company, we are true sports science professionals who offer a range of services related to fitness and health. We would rather be known for being the most scientifically accurate, the most professional with the most honourable brand values rather than a heartless personal training company with a high turnover. This is demonstrated by our passion to develop tailored programmes for every single one of our clients, that hasn’t been simply repackaged, we follow evidence-based science that has been researched rather than from your fitness magazine, most of all we have the effective combination of a high level of academic study and experience within both grass root and elite sports. It is for this reason, we are the most effective health and fitness company available to you. Why not train with the knowledge of an elite athlete to gain elite results. The success of our clients is not entirely dependent on ourselves, it is the relationship we form in the first month, that commitment to each other to develop and achieve is our binding success, we succeed together.

Our Vision

At Performance Physique we strive to become the dominant force in fitness and health. We will become the brand synonymous with achieving every sporting, fitness and health related goal. We will be known for our continuing education programme, to ensure we always use the most effective and grounded approaches to our goals. We will redefine the fitness qualification industry to bring respect back to a sector dogged by short, simple and poorly formed qualifications. Performance Physique will be known for their honest, trusted and effective approach to health and fitness but most of all we will be known for being those with a charismatic approach that encourages you and makes you feel comfortable to achieve your goals in life.








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