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Performance Physique has a wide spectrum of clientelle from Olympic athletes to those looking to run their first marathon and those who want to lose a kilo or two and feel better within themselves.


Take a look at some of our clients and previous contracts:

 Jake Vincent

An Olympian from the 2012 Olympic Games, Jake was a key 1st team player for the Mens Water Polo Team who made their first appearance at the Olympic Games since 1956. We first started working with Jake in 2012, following the Olympic Games our involvement with Jake has developed and we now work with him on his strength & conditioning to maintain his competitive conditioning. We have created a specific and detailed nutrtion plan for Jake to insure he competes at his full potential and we monitor this closely to make sure he is always on track.


 Kate Hill

Kate is a former competitive swimmer who after 10 years moved up the ranks of coaching and became the Head Coach of Solihull Swimming Club. Having become well recognised nationally as a swimming coach Kate has decided to move on to her childhood interest of athletics. We began working with Kate in 2013 and she has improved dramatically in the gym environment and has a natural disposition for track and field, as a result she has made it her quest to work with us to become a Heptathlete.


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