4 weeks 4 kilos

If you need to kickstart your health and fitness regime then this programme is for YOU.

Firstly, there is nothing wrong with enjoying your holiday, the festive period, having a few drinks, indulging in some good food and obviously a few mince pies!

However, if you're like me you sometimes you then realise you need a real push to get back in shape AFTER this break! 

No Problem. I've got your back.

Don't need to read anymore, just want to get started and get healthier?

Then Click the link below and select the, '4 Weeks 4 Kilos' Membership


I like enjoying my food and drink, I love socialising and I LOVE seeing the rewards of hard work and exercise.

What that means, is I need to see results fairly quickly and therefore I've written the 4 weeks 4 kilos programme.

It's a short programme to help you shed a few 1lbs / kilos straight off without any requirement for you to do any thinking at all.

This is the third time I'm running it and I want to help YOU achieve your goals. 


Guess what, it's that good, I am going to be training alongside you to achieve results too.


Not sure how good it is?


I did this 12 months ago and lost my first 5kg in just a couple of weeks and a further 5 kg's in another 5 weeks.


In total I dropped, 10kg, 39cm off my skinfold measurements, dropped body fat and rapidly improved my running performance.

Our last two programmes have resulted in members losing an average of 4.5kg in just 4 weeks!


Above all, they felt happier, healthier and more confident!


For just £6.97/week, I will provide you with nutrition guidance, exercise guidance, accountability, support and expert advice.


Why trust me you ask? I've worked with the best, the largest nutrition corporations, the best nutrition consultancies and education qualifications, I've lectured at university level in the subject not to mention, coached both elite and novice athletes over the last 14 years.

All you need to do is:

  1.  Click HERE to sign up

  2. Select the 4 Weeks 4 Kilos Membership

  3. Head over to the 4 Weeks 4 Kilos Group on Facebook.








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